Want To Finally Be A Wealthy Woman?

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Want To Finally Be A Wealthy Woman?

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Step Into Becoming A Wealthy Woman Using a Proven 3-Step Process From Award Winning Financial Coach & Leading Female Entrepreneur, Catherine Morgan.

Discover the practical steps to manage your money, mind and the behaviours that have prevented you from having financial peace so you can transform your relationship & results with money.
Did you know that over 90% of every decision we make around money comes from our unconscious beliefs?

In the brand new book ‘It’s Not About The Money’, Catherine Morgan reveals the journey from Financial Insecurity to Financial Freedom through the lens of financial trauma and the emotions of money.

Through stories, inspiring thoughts, practical steps, and powerful exercises, you will be equipped to manage your money, mind and the behaviours that have prevented you from having financial peace of mind.

The book has been divided into 
3 easy to follow steps:

The book has been divided into 3 easy to follow steps:

step one


We will focus on your financial past, how you got here, the emotions and beliefs that underpin your behaviours with money and where those beliefs have come from.

It introduces Money StoryTypes™ - a framework that helps uncover your behaviours around money and how you can deserve and manage money based on your superpowers!

step two


This chapter focuses on your current financial situation and the beginning of taking action towards moving into a state of financial ‘enoughness’ through practical activities.

These include Getting Financially Naked - an analysis of our regular spending leading to a spending plan and setting up of ‘money pots’ - as well as giving every pound a purpose. 

We also tackle subjects such as how to harbour better conversations at home when your partner has a different view about money and provide a STRONG model with steps to follow.

step three


Growing Wealth is all about the future.

What are our financial values and how do these align with our financial behaviours and our core beingness? How can gratitude become an intrinsic element of our financial vision?

In this section, we look at saving versus investing as well as implementing future habits and ‘checking in’ behaviours to ensure consistency of our vision.

It’s Not About the Money: 3 Steps to Be a Wealthy Woman is about developing financial resilience and vision with honesty and bravery.


Look What Some Of Our Readers Had To Say About The Book...

Ann Diment
"I feel privileged and honoured to have been asked to review the early copy of ‘It's not about the money’ by Catherine Morgan. I devoured the book on a long train journey with peace and time to really get focused and take 35 pages of notes! There's so much in there that as a 50 year old woman I can work with, and I know that it will bring value to my life. 

Catherine takes us on a journey through our financial past, present and future, with sensitivity and refreshing honesty, as she shares lots of examples from her own life. She discusses the emotional and social aspects of finances and offers so many practical and accessible tools and examples to help us get ‘financially naked’, and deal with our relationship with money in a trauma-informed and gentle way- helping us to break free from the shame and guilt that are so often associated with our bank balance.

I will be sending a copy of this book to my daughters and to friends and family. I believe it should be on the curriculum in every school in the country to help our children break free from the intergenerational financial trauma they are being endowed with. Thank you Catherine for bringing this book into the world and I hope it impacts so many people, because it is much needed."
Clio Franconi
"This is like the condensed, strategic and essential version of years of personal development, all in one entertaining, easy to read book.

First of all, Catherine perfectly nailed her purpose of guiding us towards feeling guilt- and shame-free by the end of it.
An an Enabler as my first profile (you'll learn all about your own profile and how it can guide your thoughts and actions with money inside the book), I've come a long way into believing that I am deserving and I can create money and give it an affluent purpose all while having a positive impact in the world, in my unique way.

I could relate to so many of the stories Catherine told about her own journey with money as well as her clients', making me feel all the possibilities even before I could rationally think them. I am now confident that, thanks to the book's exercises and suggested practical small steps, I can achieve a lasting change.
This is a must read if you've ever thought money is not for you, especially if you're a woman seeking to feel good in your own shoes."
Angela Little
" 'It’s not about the money!’ is an amazing book and I surprised myself at how much I learnt from it. It’s a go-to place for all the resources that anyone would need to not just learn about wealth, but to learn practical tips about money, life and so much more. The book is jam-packed with wonderful stories to make it all make sense, together with loads of activities and actionable tools. These really helped me understand my relationship with money, why I feel the way I do about it, and how to make things better for the future. 

Catherine is honest about her life and her money stories, and I found this inspiring, relatable and incredibly powerful. I loved the book, it really made me think and I’m now buzzing about my future money life."
Tasneem Sattar
"WOW – I’ve just finished reading Catherine's book 'It's Not About the Money' and can say what an amazing book this is; outlining how we feel about money with ‘real’ life examples. It has covered most situations and given solutions to the problem and the activities are so beneficial. I just can’t believe how much information is packed into this book - wish I had this a few years back!

For me, since meeting Catherine and joining her Money Circle group I was able to turn my money story around and this book will certainly be life-changing for almost anyone that reads it. This book is my money mantra now and I will read it again and again. I totally recommend and encourage everyone to buy this book no matter what part of the money journey they are at."
Kelly Vikings
"THE BIG WOW was... It is NOT a budget. It is a spending plan!!! 

Wow I love this, and I have implemented all the steps Catherine shares in her book and for the FIRST TIME EVER feel my money mindset is 100% connected to me. It feels amazing. I can't thank Catherine enough. 

Previously I have invested thousands of pounds in courses, mentors and NEVER before had so much value delivered. 
This book is GOLD and utterly LIFE CHANGING."
Rachel Hayes
"This book is honest, full of life-changing knowledge and clear practical ‘how-to’s’. I knew from following Catherine’s work it would be real and accessible but I must have stopped at every few pages to note to self to come back to this bit and re-read and do some work on this! 

I will read again and again as there is so much knowledge and clear guidance on how to change your financial perception and future. It is brilliant. 

It gives so much hope for change. Would recommend to everyone."
Jelly Mae
"What an eye opener! It's definitely not about the money. If you really want to create and grow true wealth, Catherine’s book will help you to dig deep and reflect on your attitude, behaviour, beliefs, mindset and values that you have when it comes to money. Catherine has provided such a level of detail and offers useful tools in the book that can help you to rewrite your money narrative to become a wealthy woman. 

I very much appreciate her thoughtful advice and wisdom which I’m now applying so I can also create a positive money story myself. Thank you, Catherine!"

Meet The Author

Hi, I’m Catherine Morgan. 

I am on a mission to reduce financial anxiety and increase financial empowerment & resilience for 1 million women around the world.

Having worked in banks since the age of 18, I became very disillusioned with the focus on complicated financial products, the use of jargon and the message that being wealthy is only for the rich and only for men!

I healed my relationship with money, living in constant debt cycles and holding onto guilt and shame around money. I discovered Financial Coaching and by incorporating this into my work as a Financial Planner and also a standalone business, I have been able to launch one of the most successful standalone financial coaching businesses in the UK. 

I am a multi-award winning qualified Financial Planner and award-winning Certified Financial Coach. Featured as one of the top 32 female entrepreneurs to look out for in Business Leader. She is host to the top 1% global podcast 'In Her Financial Shoes' and founder of The Money Panel ®. 

My mission is to transform the lives of 1 million women around the world. Today, I'm here to show you that you are deserving of having more money, holding onto more money and giving more money to step into wealth.

If you’re ready to be a Wealthy Woman - you know what to do:

Disclosure: Catherine Morgan Limited may receive financial compensation from a merchant if a reader chooses to purchase goods/services via links on this website. You are in no way obligated to make any purchases and there is no additional cost to the reader by using these links. I am always honest in my opinions and will only recommend products or services that I have either used myself, or that I believe could be of benefit to readers. Any information given on this site is not to be taken as Financial advice and is therefore not regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
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